31 March 2008

Stolen Stuart 5A

This Machine has been stolen during the Model Show in Paris,
if you heard about it or see it please let me know.

31 December 2006

Creation of Blog and instructions

This blog was creates to put on line the advertisements, about their steamboat items, of my friends.
If you are interseted in one of the items, post a comment under this item with your address Email and I would put to you in contact with its owner.
This service is dedicated for my friends, it is free, the salesmen are the only persons responsible for the description of the item which they put on sale.

07 April 2006

Safety valve (SOLD)

28 March 2006

Stuart 5A for sale

About a Stuart 5A that Jean-Jacques had initially planned for Keltia.

“I put on sale a strictly new machine, a 5A from Stuart (2 " 1/2 x2”), engine machined and built by a professional.
It is equipped with a lubricator by capillarity, and its feed-water pump.
The eccentrics and the reverse are made in bronze, (cuttings and machinings were made in electro-erosion).
This machine can give 1.5 cv (6/8 bars), and can suit a boat from 4m to 4.5m…
The asking price is of 2600 € (17000 Fr) negotiable.


PS; a coupling of the propeller shaft will supplement this proposal. “